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Greg Rikaart

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Greg Rikaart

As an obsessive fan of “The Young and the Restless,” I like to analyze the characters of the show in terms of the zodiac signs of the actors who portray them.  And that brings me to today’s birthday boy, Greg Rikaart.

A Pisces in real life, Rikaart plays a role that has “PISCES” written all over it.  He’s vulnerable, prone to delusions, occasionally obsessive and perpetually confused — and I mean all of that in the nicest possible way.  I adore Pisces natives and I have several Pisces friends.  They keep me from being the most boring Capricorn I can be.

On the show, Rikaart’s character plays the foil to Christian LeBlanc’s character.  LeBlanc is a Virgo in real life, and his character is so Virgo-like that these two fine actors always create sparks when they’re pitted against one another.  It makes me ask myself if it’s just good casting, or if something in the stars brought these men together.


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