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Elizabeth Taylor

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Elizabeth Taylor

The birthday girl for February 27 is Elizabeth Taylor.

I don’t know if Elizabeth Taylor has a recognizable “Pisces style” because so many of her most-memorable moments in fashion involve either images from film or commercial work.  However, I do know that she’s lived the life of a Pisces native.  In fact, the image of Liz that I’ll always remember is one of her laying poolside with Richard Burton at the Sahara in Las Vegas, cocktail and cigarette in hand.  On the way to one of the hotel’s showrooms, gigantic candid photographs from the Rat Pack-era lined the hallway.  It was a fascinating look back at Vegas history, and a genuine glance into the private lives of Taylor and Burton.

That’s not to say that every Pisces individual enjoys a cocktail by the swimming pool, but a lot of them do.  This is the sign that I associate with the “blur.”  Throughout my life, I’ve known many Pisces natives in my life who can walk around half-buzzed twenty-four hours a day.  In fashion, I encourage them to embrace the “blur.”  They dress their best when they blur the lines between good taste and bad taste, masculine and feminine, appropriate and inappropriate, etc.

Taylor’s struggles with addictions do reflect the fact that she’s embraced the blur on several occasions.  It makes me wonder what her life would have been like if she had directed that energy into more positive pursuits, like fashion.  As I mentioned already, most of the iconic looks that she’s known for are from her film and commercial work rather than from her private life.  But perhaps her public/private persona are the same, anyway.  Maybe she’s been blurring the lines between the two intentionally for her entire life.  It would make sense; she’s a Pisces, after all.


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