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Andy Gibb

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Andy Gibb

The birthday boy for March 5 is singer Andy Gibb.

In my previous post I mentioned that the susceptibility of Pisces natives to drug and alcohol addiction can sometimes be good for a laugh.  Just as often, it isn’t.  Andy Gibb died a few days after his thirtieth birthday due to a heart condition exacerbated by years of drug abuse.  He joined a long line of Pisces superstars whose problems with addiction are well-documented.

I often describe Pisces as the sign with the most going on in their “inner world” and the voices in their heads.  Many Pisces individuals take drastic measures to escape from themselves because that inner world isn’t the place they want to be.  For the rest of us, the opposite is true: We have a drink or two to escape from the pressures of the outer world.

Nevertheless, the inner world that Pisces natives tend to occupy is the source of their innate creativity.  Learning to have a foothold in both the real world and the world of their imagination is the challenge of every individual born under this zodiac sign.


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