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Ben Mulroney

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Ben Mulroney

I have to admit that I really like Ben Mulroney, the birthday boy for March 9.  I got to meet him while appearing on a show that he used to host on a CTV affiliate.  What really made the etalk host seem like a Pisces to me was the fact that he went to school to obtain a law degree then ended up hosting an entertainment show on television.  I don’t expect Pisces natives to follow a beaten path.  I suppose he was compelled to get an education at an early age in a field that would seem respectable to his father, the former Prime Minister of Canada, but then when he was old enough to strike out on his own, he chose a path that very few individuals can travel successfully.  In fact, when I met him he was still in the bush league.  But he was paying his dues and he seemed quite happy to be doing just that.

I don’t believe that most Pisces natives are as practical or as patient as Mulroney, but many of those characteristics come from other factors in one’s natal chart.  He’s probably got a few planets in the earth signs.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see a little Capricorn in the mix.


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