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Alexander McQueen

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Alexander McQueen

The birthday boy for March 17 is fashion designer Alexander McQueen.

In many ways, McQueen represented the best and worst of his zodiac sign.  Like a typical Pisces individual, he was offbeat, creative, sensitive and deeply introspective.  He was also prone to drastic mood swings and predisposed to addiction.  While his clothing line exhibited a few different astrological influences (his Leo midheaven made him a good fit at Givenchy), he was a Pisces through and through professionally and personally.  His moon in Pisces puts him in the same club as several people I’ve profile who have struggled with living, including Michael Jackson and the designer’s muse, Isabella Blow.

When I wrote my book, I wasn’t sure where to include McQueen.  At the time, his claim to fame was his Savile Row training and his work for Givenchy.  As I just mentioned, that work was certainly more Leonine than the work I would expect to see from a Pisces designer.  However, I’ve always maintained that both Pisces and Leo natives have one thing in common: The ability to stand completely outside the fashion system.  Individuals born under those two signs share a level of fabulousness that most mere mortals could never get away with without looking like fools.

Anyway, the more I saw of McQueen’s work, the more eager I was to designate him as a Pisces designer.  It had dark undercurrents that exemplified the influence of his sun and moon sign.  If I was to rewrite my book tomorrow, I’d certainly devote a significant part of the Pisces chapter to the designer.


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