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Nadja Auermann

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Nadja Auermann

I just published a post praising the versatility of Queen Latifah.  Her fellow Pisces, today’s birthday girl Nadja Auermann, is also known for her versatility.  In her storied career, there was barely a look that Auermann didn’t have.

To me, it’s interesting that the most-famous Pisces model of all time is Cindy Crawford.  Crawford is an über Pisces, born at a time when a ton of planets converged in the sign.  Yet Crawford’s body of work doesn’t even come close to Auermann’s when it comes to diversity.  The difference is that Auermann exemplifies the Pisces look because she is a chameleon at heart, whereas Crawford was endowed with an earthy, girl-next-door look that allowed her clients to promote her in a completely different manner.  To me, Crawford looks like a Taurus.

Anyway, it just goes to show you that there are a lot of factors in play than just the sun sign.  It’s just easier to discuss the sun sign without going over the heads of most of my readers.  I don’t want to be that astrologer.  The world has enough of them already.


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