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Ric Ocasek

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Ric Ocasek

I was just looking through today’s celebrity birthdays when I realized that Ric Ocasek is an Aries.  It surprised me because today’s birthday boy is married to an Aries, as well.  If I had to rank all 144 possible combinations of sun signs, I’d probably put Aries/Aries as the worst for a romantic relationship.  To me, it defies logic that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are still together because they share that sun-sign combo.

But Ric and his wife, the adorable Paulina Porizkova, have been together for more than twenty-five years, defying the cosmos.  It just goes to show you that romantic relationships don’t live and die according to sun-sign compatability — as an experienced astrologer, I’ve known that for as long as I’ve been casting charts.  Style, however, really can’t escape the influence of the sun sign.  The sun is intrinsically connected to one’s sense of self-expression, and that’s what fashion is all about.


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March 23, 2011 at 9:52 am

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