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Keira Knightley

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Keira Knightley

I don’t really like today’s birthday girl, Keira Knightley.  I can’t really explain why I don’t like her because I feel as if I don’t like her instinctively.

She’s not the only Aries native who rubs me the wrong way.  I have a Capricorn sun, a Cancer moon and a Libra ascendant.  That combination sort of makes me into the anti-Aries: The complete opposite of that zodiac sign.  I can admit as much, too.  I really don’t see any Aries-like qualities in my own character.  So if I appear to be a little biased as I’m discussing this sign, it’s probably because I am biased.  I can’t help myself.  My disdain for this sign was written in the stars.


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March 26, 2011 at 10:23 am

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