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Marc Jacobs

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Marc Jacobs

I’m often asked why I don’t like today’s birthday boy, fashion designer Marc Jacobs.  I’ve got a few reasons.

Mostly, though, I don’t believe that a designer who charges the prices that Jacobs charges for his signature line should have such a lack of cohesion from one collection to the next.  If I was a woman who liked Boho looks, I’d probably wear Dries Van Noten.  Or if I liked all-American luxe, I’d probably wear Ralph Lauren.  Or if I liked modern minimalism, I’d probably wear Narciso Rodriguez.  You get the point, right?

Jacobs doesn’t create a collection that is identifiably Marc Jacobs under his signature line.  To a Capricorn like me who appreciates consistency, that’s a rash, reckless decision that rubs me the wrong way.  Simply put, he’s an Aries through-and-through, pushing trends instead of building a brand.  Yes, I understand just how successful his brand is, but to me that just proves that most people are tacky slaves to fashion who will spend money on whatever their idols tell them to spend money on.

In my opinion, Marc Jacobs is a cult leader, not a fashion designer.  With my Capricorn sun, Cancer moon and Libra rising, that opinion was written in the stars.

Oh well.  He probably wouldn’t like me, either.


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