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Caroline Rhea

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Caroline Rhea

Today’s birthday girl is Caroline Rhea.

I got this photo from the 2010 Heart Truth Fashion Show where the actress walked the runway in a red dress along with other Canadian luminaries.  Normally, I would tell an Aries woman to wear more red, but looking at Rhea in this photo would make me think twice about offering that advice.

The fashion astrology guidelines I provide always need to be “customized” because everyone is different.  For instance, I would expect an Aries woman to choose a red dress over a pink dress.  Nevertheless, Caroline Rhea would probably suit a pink dress more than a red dress.  That doesn’t mean that she couldn’t carry a red bag or drive a red car.  It just means that my suggestions can’t be taken literally.  It’s the sentiment behind the suggestions that needs to be considered.  When I tell an Aries woman that red suits her bold, brash personality, it’s because the color is associated with bold, brash behavior.

And on that note, I wouldn’t have put an Aries woman in such a fussy gown.  That sentiment is not open for reinterpretation.


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