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Conan O’Brien

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Conan O’Brien

Since the sun entered Aries about four weeks ago, I’ve discussed Bette Davis’ eyes, Joan Crawford’s eyebrows, Elton John’s glasses, and numerous other signatures of Aries style.  Today I’d like to mention the hair of today’s birthday boy, Conan O’Brien.

In my book I tell Aries women that they should try to get away with coloring their hair red at least once in their lives (as long as they choose a shade of red that suits their complexion).  The luckiest Aries individuals, like Conan, already have red hair.  But what makes Conan an icon of Aries style is his pompadour.  The way his hair is swept off of his forehead makes it look like a stylized goat’s horn.

I’m not sure if Conan knows that he is representing the qualities of his zodiac sign, but he’s doing a great job, anyway.  As Pamela Anderson’s boobs are to the sign of Cancer, Conan’s hair is to the sign of Aries.


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