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Jayne Mansfield

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Mickey Hargitay & Jayne Mansfield

The birthday girl for April 19 is Jayne Mansfield.

In each month’s sun-sign profiles, I like to include a couple of celebrities who fallen through the cosmic cracks by doing absolutely nothing to support my theories on the relationship of astrology and fashion.  I thought that Jayne Mansfield was one of those stars because there was nothing about her look that made me think that she was an Aries.  Then I had an idea!

I took a second look at her natal chart to see where her ascendant landed.  Just as I suspected it was in Cancer: The boob sign.  A moment later I punched Mariah Carey’s info into the database  My hunch was right; she’s got a Cancer ascendant, too!

Just the other day I heard Joan Rivers say “Why show an inch of skin when you can show an acre?” while discussing Mariah’s sense of style.  Jane Mansfield and Mariah Carey are two Aries women who have approached fashion with a similar modus operandi.  It’s a very aggressive Aries manner of showing a very feminine Cancer side to their personalities.  In “Cosmically Chic” terms, they were cut from the same cloth.


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