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Andie MacDowell

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Andie MacDowell

Hooray!  A new sign to talk about!

Today’s birthday girl is Andie MacDowell.  I often use the actress/model as an example of just what a Taurus woman should be.  She’s earthy, accessible, dependable and non-threatening.  Even in her fifties, she’s still America’s girl next door.

I once had the pleasure of running into MacDowell.  She was radiant in-person without a stitch of makeup on her face.  She had a healthy, natural glow that could only come from clean living.  Unfortunately, living cleanly seems to be a challenge for many members of this decadent zodiac sign.  Nothing impacts more-negatively on the looks of a Taurus woman than self-indulgence.

More about that as the month marches on!


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April 21, 2011 at 10:09 am

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