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Lady Gaga & Elton John

I usually don’t perform outreach missions to celebrities, but I just read that Elton John’s adopted baby was born on December 25.  That makes him a Capricorn with an Aries parent, just like me.  What’s worse is that he’s made Lady Gaga, another Aries, the baby’s godmother.

Now I have a genuine aversion to most Aries natives.  As a steady, patient Capricorn, the Martian energy of Aries just rubs me the wrong way.  Yet I can handle most Aries individuals indivdually.  Once they begin to gang up, however, I withdraw from myself like an animal playing dead in the jaws of predator.

I know the odds are slim that this message will reach Elton John, but I have to say it anyway: Handle this kid with care.  He’s cut from a different cloth than you.  It might look as tough as burlap at first glance, but it’s a little less-durable than you think it is, especially around you and anyone else who shares your sun sign.


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April 24, 2011 at 9:13 am

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