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Stana Katic

Stana Katic

The birthday girl for April 26 is Stana Katic.

Yesterday I was looking through some photos of the “Castle” star when I stumbled across a series of images of Katic with platinum blonde hair.  At first they struck me as interesting, but the longer I looked at them the more I began to dislike them.  Katic is a gorgeous, earthy woman.  The severe blond hair made her look anything but earthy.  In fact, there was a falseness to the color that I might have appreciated on someone else, but not on Katic.

I often criticize the fashion sense of decadent Taurus women who choose to appear “made up” rather than natural.  I adore Cher, for instance, but when I see photos of her from the 70s looking like a native American goddess, I wonder why she dons such ridiculous wigs and over-the-top cosmetics.  I feel the same way about her fellow Taurus, Janet Jackson, who gets a little less human-looking as each year passes.  Viewing photos of Katic appearing somewhat “artificial” also made me feel the same way.

I don’t expect every Taurus woman to aspire to look like a Breck Girl from the 70s, but I do advise them to “keep it real.”  The artifice that can make a Gemini woman look like a million bucks usually makes a Taurus woman look like a cheap fashion victim.


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