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Nina Garcia

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Nina Garcia

The birthday girl for May 3 is Nina Garcia.

My favorite part of “Project Runway” is when the contestants stand in front of the judging panel.  There’s an interesting dynamic between the three regular judges: Heidi Klum, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia.  Klum, a style-savvy Gemini, usually critiques the clothes by stating whether or not she would wear them.  Kors, a proud Leo, almost always goes for the laugh, drawing attention to himself at the expense of the contestants.  Garcia, a Taurus, tends to place a value on the clothing.  I can barely count how many times I’ve heard her say that an outfit looks “cheap.”

As an earth sign, there is a strong connection between a Taurus like Garcia and the material value of things.  Members of her zodiac sign aren’t necessarily greedy or overly concerned with material wealth; they just seem to be quite honest in their assessment of what things are worth to them.  Whereas a well-mannered Libra might use words such as “gauche” or “pedestrian” to describe something of little value, a materialistic Taurus will usually cut right to the chase.


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