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Raquel Zimmermann

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Raquel Zimmermann

The birthday girl for May 6 is supermodel Raquel Zimmermann.

There aren’t a lot of girls in the modeling business who become known for their professionalism.  Zimmermann is one of them, and that doesn’t surprise me.  I’m sort of biased toward this zodiac sign because I usually get along well with most Taurus natives.  They possess the qualities that I admire.  They’re steady, easygoing, patient and tenacious — and they can be bribed!

There’s a scene in the “September Issue” where Grace Coddinton is working on a shoot with Zimmermann as the model goes about her job as professionally as could be expected.  Meanwhile, all the model is thinking about is eating one of the delicious-looking strawberry tarts on the buffet that had been put out for the crew.  Seriously, that’s all it takes to make a Taurus individual do a good job.  Dangle something decadent in front of them and they’ll do anything for you.  They are refreshingly dependable, and I find that quality to be quite endearing.


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