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Traci Lords

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Traci Lords

The birthday girl for May 7 is actress Traci Lords.

I’ve already mentioned that I have a favorable bias toward this zodiac sign.  I adore most Taurus individuals and I can be rather protective of them as a result.  I sort of feel the same way about Cancer natives (although I usually just feel like giving them a bath and sending them on their way).  I feel the opposite way about Aries natives (as my past month of posts should have made abundantly clear).  That’s just the way it is.  I accept my astrological birthright and the way that the cosmos has hard-wired my brain.

Anyway, I also a favorable bias toward Traci Lords.  When I’ve read unfavorable comments about the once-controversial former porn star, I’ve immediately felt the need to jump to her defense — I don’t know why.  Strangely, I was also involved in another controversy surrounding a teenage Taurus girl who appeared naked in public before she reached the age of majority.  I ratted-out the fashion industry for allowing Behati Prinsloo to walk a runway in a see-through top when she was only seventeen.

In both cases, I don’t know if I felt paternal, maternal, or even something else.  I just naturally began defending of a couple of girls whom I’d never even met.  In my own chart, Taurus is evenly divided between my seventh house of justice and my Karmic eighth house.  Perhaps I’m compelled to defend these kids for the greater good.  I don’t know how else to explain why I feel a connection to either of these young ladies.


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