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Joan Collins

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Joan Collins

In my last post, I mentioned that Gemini individuals can be as fickle as fate itself.  So what explains the enduring success of today’s birthday girl, Joan Collins?

I pulled up the actress’ natal chart and found exactly what I was expecting to find.  Collins has an especially grounded chart.  Not only does she have her natal moon and Mercury in Taurus, her earthy moon is in the first house.  Additionally, the sun, Mercury and Venus all occupy the second house — the one that relates to Taurus.  Mars, Jupiter and Neptune all occupy the sign of Virgo, and Collins’ midheaven is in Capricorn.

So what does that all mean?  Rather than being a fickle force in the entertainment industry, Collins has endured with Taurean tenacity.  She’s also become synonymous with both the eternal youthfulness of Gemini and the unparalleled decadence of Taurus.

It’s not often that I pull up a chart I’ve never seen before only to say to myself “No surprises here.”  In this case, however, I could have drawn this chart without ever seeing it.


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