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Jupiter in Taurus

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I have to admit that the past year has been a total pain in the ass.  I’ve had virtually no professional opportunites open up to me despite my best efforts.  Unlike people who claim that “you make your own luck,” I know that isn’t true.  People get lucky.  I’ve been unlucky.  That’s it in a nutshell.

Anyway, I’m about to crack a new nut.  Jupiter enters Taurus on June 4.  Last time Jupiter was in Taurus, everyone listened when I told them that I had something to offer them.  It set the tone for a cycle that gave me about five fabulous years of professional opportunities, doing things with my time that made me feel as if I was the luckiest guy in the world.

That’s what Jupiter does; it bestows abundance and opportunity upon those it chooses to favor.  Moving into an earth sign for a twelve-month stay, the earth signs should be the beneficiaries of Jupiter’s generosity.  However, just because everything will come easy to those lucky individuals, it’s not all good news.  Taurus individuals will have to watch their hedonistic tendencies.  Capricorns will have to ensure that they’ve got a long-term plan in place while the universe is showering them with good fortune.  Virgos are going to have to seize the day and accept that they can wear optimism just as well as they wear pessimism, otherwise they’ll spend the next twelve years bitching about how they let opportunity slip through their fingers.

As for the rest of the signs, who cares?  Not me!  The universe has spent the last couple of months conspiring against me and my fellow Capricorns — not to mention the Libras (I’m a Capricorn sun/Libra rising).  You’ve had yours, and now it’s time for me to have mine.  Maybe I’ll get around to writing some horoscopes on this site, or maybe I’ll be having too much fun to bother.  Gawd, I hope it’s the latter!


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May 25, 2011 at 9:10 am

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