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Brande Roderick

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Brande Roderick

The birthday girl for June 13 is Brande Roderick.

During the second season of “The Celebrity Apprentice,” Roderick made it quite deep into the competition by pairing up with Virgo Annie Duke rather than her fellow Gemini Joan Rivers.  Rivers ended up winning the competition, beating Duke in finale and making it seem as if Roderick had chosen to play on the wrong team.

I do believe that Roderick did make a poor choice by allowing herself to be led by Duke.  With both Gemini and Virgo ruled by Mercury, there are some obvious similarities between the signs.  Unfortunately, Virgos can be schemers — the wheels are always turning in their machine-like brains — and Roderick’s sportsmanship came into question because of her association with Duke.  Duke, despite her denials to the contrary, was plotting the demise of her fellow contestants from the beginning of the show in typical, methodical Virgo fashion.  The Geminis, in the meantime, were playing each task as it came up with far less consideration for the end game.

What Duke didn’t realize (and Roderick, for that matter), was that Trump himself is a Gemini.  He rewarded the player who played that game like he would play the game, and Rivers won the title of “The Celebrity Apprentice.”  If Roderick had sided with Rivers from the beginning, perhaps Duke’s scheming would have had her fired from the show long before the final episode.


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