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Steffi Graf

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Steffi Graf

The birthday girl for June 14 is tennis player Steffi Graf.

In the past twenty-five years, a Gemini player has won the Wimbledon singles championship more than half of the times (Graf seven times, Venus Williams five times and Lindsay Davenport once).  That doesn’t surprise me much because Gemini and Sagittarius players have dominated women’s tennis at most of the Grand Slam tournaments for as long as I’ve been watching the game.

What does surprise me, however, is that Andre Agassi divorced one Gemini and married another.  There’s got to be something in Graf’s chart that meshes well with the natal chart of her husband because the Taurus/Gemini sun-sign combo just seems doomed to fail.  Nevertheless, it’s working.  I didn’t expect it to last, but without looking at their charts, I really didn’t do my job as an astrologer.


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