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The Ultimate Warrior

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The Ultimate Warrior

Today’s birthday boy is the Ultimate Warrior.

Just the other day I was watching “TMZ” where they showed a clip of the Ultimate Warrior going on a rant about Hulk Hogan.  I don’t want to discuss the particulars of the tirade, but I do want to offer a piece of advice to Gemini natives in general: sometimes it’s better to say nothing at all.

Gemini individuals can be quite impulsive.  Often that impulsiveness leads to them running off at the mouth.  I can think of dozens of well-publicized feuds between celebrities that involve at least one Gemini.  I’ve probably mentioned several of them on this blog since I began writing it.

Whether or not the rant about Hulk Hogan was justified is moot.  The person who came off as petty and juvenile in this incident was the Ultimate Warrior.  Usually that’s the case because usually the feud is instigated by the big mouth of the Gemini native.  Yes, the stars have endowed you with the gift of the gab, but that’s no reason to become known as an obnoxious loudmouth. Learn to choose your battles, Gemini.


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June 16, 2011 at 9:59 am

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