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Bob Fosse

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Bob Fosse

Today’s birthday boy is another film director, Bob Fosse.

After describing the best work of yesterday’s birthday boy, Billy Wilder, as remarkably unsentimental, I discovered that Fosse shares Wilder’s sign.  Looking at three of Fosse’s most well-known films, “Sweet Charity,” “Cabaret” and “All That Jazz,” it’s clear to me that Fosse was just as unsentimental as Wilder.  Each film seems to deal with shedding light on some hard truths.

When I wrote my book, I seemed to go over-the-top with my description of Cancer.  I made them out to be the most hard-shelled sign in the zodiac.  Thanks to the example set by artists such as Wilder and Fosse, I still believe that.  Yet I have changed my mind about how nostaligia should affect the way a Cancer native gets dressed.  The problem was that I didn’t cleary define the difference between “sentiment” and “nostalgia” in book.  Related to the former word, Cancers are reluctant to look back at things that cause them emotional pain.  They are the most guarded individuals in the zodiac.  Related to the latter word, Cancers are happy to look back at things in the past that made them happy.  That’s it!


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