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Siedah Garrett

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Siedah Garrett

The birthday girl for June 24 is singer/songwriter Siedah Garrett.

Just a moment ago I pulled up Garrett’s natal chart and found exactly what I expected to find.  Not only is her sun in Cancer, but her moon is, too, along with Mercury and Venus.

Why was I expecting to find a natal stellium in Cancer?  Because Cancer is an introspective sign.  Cancer natives generally know themselves quite well.  In fact, Garrett wrote what might be the anthem for introspection and positive self-awareness: “The Man in the Mirror.”  The strange thing is that the song was made into a hit by Michael Jackson.  A Virgo with a Pisces moon, Jackson may have been one of the least self-aware celebrities in the history of show business.  His inability to engage in positive retrospection kept him up at night and turned him into a prescription drug addict as he struggled to stop himself from looking inward.

Garrett, on the other hand, seems to have a lopsided chart, but a chart that works for her.  With so many planets in Cancer, she’s probably quite soft on the inside, yet she’s managed to maintain a facade of strength and stability.  That’s what Cancers do best.


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