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Imelda Marcos

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Imelda Marcos

Imelda Marcos, the woman who invented shoe-whoring, is today’s birthday girl.

I wouldn’t expect a Cancer woman to be a shoe whore.  I wouldn’t expect shoe-whoring to be revealed by just looking at an individual’s sun sign, either.  Perhaps a twelfth-house sun would indicate an obsession with footwear, or maybe Jupiter in Pisces in the sixth or twelfth house — but I’m speculating.

Marcos’ chart, in fact, has neither of those configurations.  What she does have, however, is Pisces ruling the cusp of her fifth house.  That makes sense for a woman who chooses collecting footwear as a method of self-expression.  What’s more interesting is the revealing conjunction of Mars, Neptune and the Part of Fortune in her tenth house in Leo.  Energy (Mars) to deceive (Neptune) for material gain (the Part of Fortune) in the tenth house (career) in Leo (self-centeredness).

Jeez.  I couldn’t have come up with a better chart for this broad if I had plotted the planets myself.


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