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Michelle Kwan

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Michelle Kwan

The birthday girl for July 7 is figure skater Michelle Kwan.

In my book I advise Cancer women to avoid looking crusty in their attempts to appear feminine.  Sometimes an outfit can be so overwrought with beading, rhinestones and embroidery that it can begin to look like the shell of a crustacean rather than a piece of clothing.  I constantly refer to former First Lady of the United States, Nancy Reagan, as an example of looking a little too “hard.”  She did wear some very fashionable clothes while her husband was in office, but in my opinion she rarely displayed any softness, femininity or warmth in her heavily-encrusted wardrobe.

Michelle Kwan, her fellow Cancer, was able to avoid the same fate even though she made her name in the sport that’s synonymous with jewel-encrusted outfits.  More often that not, Kwan wisely choose simple jersey costumes with minimal ornamentation.  Known for her artistry and bringing genuine emotional intensity to her performances, Kwan didn’t have to rely upon her wardrobe to tell a story on the ice.

It’s in the nature of most Cancer women to look a little too “hard.”  Michelle Kwan provides an ideal example of a Cancer woman who struck a balance between the urge to be taken seriously and the urge to appear attractive and feminine.


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