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Brigitte Nielsen

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Brigitte Nielsen

The birthday girl for July 15 is Brigitte Nielsen.

Outside of her boobs-first, tight-as-a-crab’s-shell wardrobe, I don’t always get a Cancer vibe from Brigitte Nielsen.  I suppose that’s because of her Leo ascendant.  While a Cancer native should be a little more guarded, someone with a strong Leonine presence in their chart has no problem airing their dirty laundry in public.  Nielsen’s relationship with reality TV confirms this fact for me.

As the former wife of Sylvester Stallone, Nielsen’s public antics rubbed her mother-in-law the wrong way.  Jackie Stallone and Nielsen didn’t have a lot in common in the first place, and Nielsen’s ability to engage in emotionally manipulative behavior (Cancer sun) for personal advancement (Leo rising) put a huge strain on their relationship.  Nielsen’s chart actually complimented Sylvester’s chart quite well, but there’s more to relationships than just chart compatibility — just ask any mother-in-law.


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