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Susan Flannery

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Susan Flannery

The birthday girl for July 31 is Susan Flannery.

I don’t really watch “The Bold and the Beautiful.”  I often have it on in the background while I’m working on the computer, but I barely pay attention to what’s going on.  Nevertheless, I do know that Brooke is a slut and that Stephanie does everything in her power to point out Brooke’s slutty behavior whenever she can.  It’s funny that the actress who plays Brooke, Katherine Kelly Lang, is also a Leo.  The fact that the two characters who drive the plot on the show share the same zodiac sign is intriguing, especially when the man in the middle, Ron Moss’ Ridge Forrester, is a wishy-washy Pisces who is torn between the gigantic egos of a couple of Leos.

The more I learn about the signs of the actors on this show, the more I understand why it’s been an international hit for more than two decades.  It’s all in the stars!


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