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Loni Anderson

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Loni Anderson

The birthday girl for August 5 is Loni Anderson.

While trying to find a photo of Loni Anderson to illustrate this post, it occured to me that Loni Anderson has never tried to change up her look.  If I was discussing a Capricorn actress instead of a Leo, I’d probably point out how her signature style subtly evolved over the course of her career.  But that doesn’t need to happen with a Leo star.  They can get away with creating an iconic look and maintaining that same persona in the public for years to come.

Leo is a fixed sign, and most Leo natives can get a little too comfortable with the way in which they go about their everyday lives.  In fashion, that sort of rigidity is usually a cause for concern.  With Leo celebrities, however, if they’re fabulous in the first place their adoring fans allow them to get away with murder.  They can commit every fashion crime in the book without fear of repercussions because we’d rather watch them looking fabulously like Leos than not watch them at all.


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