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Shelley Long

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Shelley Long

The birthday girl for August 23 is Shelley Long.

I expected to confirm that Long was born while the sun was in Virgo when I punched up her chart.  I was wrong!  Not only does she have a Leo sun in the final degree of the sign, she also has a Leo moon.  But what didn’t surprise me at all was her Virgo ascendant and the placement of Mercury in Virgo in the first house.  Her twelfth house sun and moon are weakened substantially.

The role that made her into a star — playing Diane on “Cheers” — made me believe that Long had to share something in common with her anal-retentive character.  Of course, Virgo natives are known for being picky and detail-oriented (in other words: anal).  Born a few minutes later, perhaps Long wouldn’t been bitten with the acting bug that makes so many Leo individuals pursue fame.  It’s an interesting combination of astrological factors because it explains everything about the actress and the role that made her into a star.


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