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Keanu Reeves

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Keanu Reeves

The birthday boy for September 2 is Keanu Reeves.

I generally get along well with Virgo natives.  However, as I’ve mentioned a zillion times already on this blog, I find their inability to look at themselves critically to be the major shortcoming of their sign.  Yet I do believe that Keanu Reeves knows himself quite well.  For that reason, I looked at his natal chart to see if there was something in it that made me believe that he was an atypical example of a Virgo individual.

That’s not what I found.  In fact, Reeves has his sun conjunct Mercury in Virgo along with a Virgo ascendant.  Yet this conjunction occurs in the self-reflective twelfth house opposed by Saturn in Pisces in the sixth house.  Saturn provides grounding in this instance, bringing reality to the opposing planets.  I would normally look at the sun/Mercury position on this chart as a sure sign of problems with addiction and a distinct tendency toward escapism.  Yet that’s not the case here.

I also find that many Virgo natives bite off more than they can chew.  I don’t see that in this chart and I don’t see it in Keanu Reeves work as an actor.  He’s not trying to play Hamlet, after all.  Well, most of the time he’s not trying to play Hamlet . . .


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