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Pippa Middleton

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Pippa Middleton

The birthday girl for September 6 is Pippa Middleton.

Thrust into the spotlight when her Capricorn sister married a Prince, Virgo native Pippa Middleton has become just as famous as Kate for her sense of style.  Neither girl can appear in public without every element of their wardrobes being scrutinized in the press.

Nevertheless, the signature styles of these two zodiac signs do have their differences.  Virgos, on one hand, are flatttered by simplicity because they tend to obsess over details while losing sight of the big picture.  Capricorns are flattered by a less-is-more-approach because they’re naturally economical.  They won’t wear ten things when two will do.  Virgos have a cerebral sense of style that allows them to wear artistic, conceptual fashion better than anyone else in the zodiac.  Labels like Prada and Hussein Chalayan can make them look as smart as they think they are.  Capricorns, on the other hand, would rather look witty than artsy.  They can get away with camp without appearing as if the joke is on them.  Tom Ford is a wise choice for the well-heeled Capricorn broad.

There are a lot of other differences, but there are probably more similarities.  Both signs can be a little too fond of logos and labels.  No matter how much I write about how much I hate labels, I still find myself seduced by them in moments of weakness.  Members of both signs have a tactile, earthy relationship with fabrics, too, shunning most synthetics and developing a fondness for the finer things in life, like silk, leather and fur.  And then there are the vegetarian, PETA-loving Capricorn types like yours truly . . .


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