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Coco Rocha

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Coco Rocha

The birthday girl for September 10 is Coco Rocha.

I like Coco a lot.  She’s sort of the thinking man’s model because she’s actually quite the thinker herself.  Not a lot of girls in the business are known for being brainy and outspoken, but that’s been Coco’s schtick since the day she hit the big time.

What intrigues me even more about Coco is her relationship with Karl Lagerfeld.  The two fashion superstars share more than just a birthday; they really seem to enjoy collaborating with each other.

Virgos do get along with their own kind.  When they don’t, it’s often because they remind each other of their own shortcomings.  As I’ve mentioned a million times before, they have a poorly-developed capacity for self-reflection.  When their own faults are mirrored in the behavior of their friends, that’s usually enough to send them running in the other direction.  Or, in Karl’s case, calling for a limousine . . .


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