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Bob Geldof

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Bob Geldof

The birthday boy for October 5 is Bob Geldof.

I met Geldof when I was a kid.  He was pleasant and gracious to me and my friends.  It wasn’t until a few years later when I started reading stories about him being sort of a grouch to the media.  I also met his fellow Libra, Sting, around the same time.  Sting was a little aloof, but he put up with us because we obviously were awestruck by his presence.  Like Geldof, the performer had the reputation of being kind of grouchy.

Yesterday I discovered that Thom Yorke is also a Libra and that he shares his birthday with Simon Cowell.  All four of these celebrities demonstrate a common characteristic shared by the members of their sun sign: they all have the ability to remain gracious and even-tempered in the face of adversity, but they also tend to revert to passive/aggressive behavior when they’re annoyed.

Passive/aggressive behavior is a hallmark of this sign.  You’re far less likely to have a Libra punch you in the face than to have one say something snotty behind your back.


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