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Les Moonves

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Les Moonves

The birthday boy for October 6 is Les Moonves.

When I realized that Moonves’ birthday is on October 6, I immediately thought of my friend Suzanne who is also born on October 6.  Moonves’ Capricorn wife, Julie Chen, shares my birthday.  My friend Suzanne and I have been accused of behaving like an old, married couple who know each other better than they know themselves.  I’ve never known anyone who could finish my sentences like she does, and vice versa.

According to numerology, there should be a connection between people born on the same day of the month.  The number 6 relates to the planet Venus, beauty and the finer things in life, which both me and my friend Suzanne seem to prize.  Nevertheless, our natal sun positions are almost square to one another.  We probably shouldn’t get along as well as we do.  But there are plenty of other chart factors that can overrule the aspects of the natal sun in a synastry chart.  Moonves and Chen seem to be made for one another, so who am I to tell them that the stars aren’t completely on their side?


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