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Deidre Hall

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Deidre Hall

Resurrection is a common theme amongst Scorpio individuals.  They can bounce back from the most adverse circumstances.  Perhaps that’s why “Days of Our Lives” actress, today’s birthday girl Deidre Hall, has been able to get away playing the most absurd character on daytime television.  Wikipedia seems to agree:

Throughout the course of her existence on the program, she has experienced what some consider to be the most outrageous circumstances of any character in soap opera history. These would include possession by the devil; a plummet from a 30-story-window (which she survived); being used as a surrogate for genetically engineered babies, Rex and Cassie, during a four year coma; being mind-controlled to believe she was a serial killer; and becoming pregnant late in life and suffering a miscarriage, which caused her to have hysterical amnesia. She has also been kidnapped numerous times over the past 30 years. She is a doctor, wife, mother, twin and grandmother.”

Most recently, Hall returned to the show after being axed in a round of salary cuts.  Personally, as well as professionally, she seems to rise from the ashes long before she’s forgotten.  In fact, she’s probably the most-pervasive face on American television (who else can compete with a thirty-five-year stint in the same role?).  Now that’s a Scorpio for you!


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  1. There are also five clones that Stefano made of Marlena that I think are still wandering around the world somewhere.


    October 31, 2011 at 7:27 pm

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