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Lyle Lovett

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Julia Roberts & Lyle Lovett

The birthday boy for November 1 is Lyle Lovett.

Aside from his career in country music, Lovett’s biggest claim to fame is his failed marriage to his fellow Scorpio, Julia Roberts.  As far as same-sign couples are concerned, I wouldn’t consider the Scorpio/Scorpio combination to be doomed from the start, but I do believe that the relationship will suffer in time because it’s in the nature of most Scorpio individuals to internalize their feelings rather than letting them be known.  It’s bad enough when one partner is prone to that sort of behavior, but it’s even worse when both partners fail to communicate exactly how they’re feeling.

Although their marriage failed, Lovett and Roberts reportedly remained friends.  More than anything, that surprises me.  Scorpio natives are known to hold grudges.  They might not be as bitter as a pair of Leos when things go wrong, but they do tend to hold onto resentment for much longer than the rest of us.


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