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Alexa Chung

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Alexa Chung

The birthday girl for November 5 is Alexa Chung.

I have difficult time liking Chung.  It’s difficult for me to find anything endearing about a skinny former model who has become famous for being photographed wearing borrowed clothes.

If I look past that, however, Chung does make a decent role model for signature Scorpio style.  For a sexy, young girl, she dresses with quite a bit of restraint.  In the British “Elle” photoshoot that I chose to illustrate this post, Chung reminds me of a 21st century Hester Prynne or a young Anna Wintour.  In either case, the only thing that would make that outfit more perfect is a letter “A” sewn onto the sweater.

I’m going to pay a little more attention to Chung.  Perhaps I’ve dismissed her without really giving her a chance.  That would make sense — I’m a Capricorn, after all . . .


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November 6, 2011 at 9:50 am

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