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Billy Graham

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Billy Graham

The birthday boy for November 7 is televangelist Billy Graham.

I’m probably the last blogger Billy Graham or his followers would chose to read.  Nevertheless, I believe that Graham represents one of the hallmark qualities of his zodiac sign: intensity.  It’s in the nature of every Scorpio individual to believe in what they believe with passion and vehemence.  While many of them bottle up that passion inside, it’s always there, occasionally exploding like the cork on a champagne bottle.

The problem with most descriptions of natal Scorpio traits is that astrologers fail to mention that Scorpionic intensity is typically an internal force.  I read about passionate Scorpio individuals all the time, yet I fail to encounter a lot of passionate Scorpio natives in real life.  Most of them possess a cold, distant demeanor that comes off as dispassionate.  A few, like Billy Graham, have learned to harness that passion and they use it to transform the world around them.

Yes, his sermons might be intense, but they are effective and they’ve truly transformed many lives.  In that respect, he represents his sun sign ideally.


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