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Maria Shriver

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Maria Shriver

The birthday girl for November 6 is Maria Shriver.

I haven’t really paid attention to what Maria Shriver has worn over the years, so offering a critique on her sense of style would be rather ingenuous.  I will, however, mention that her marriage to Leo native Arnold Schwarzenegger was probably not a marriage made in heaven.

From a sun-sign perspective, there aren’t a lot of signs that seem as disparate as Leo and Scorpio.  Add in the fact that both Leo and Scorpio are fixed signs and therefore rather inflexible, this is a pair that would have to rely on a bevy of secondary chart factors to succeed.  Positive aspects between the other personal planets (the moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) would have to overrule this otherwise-doomed pairing or the relationship would be a non-starter from the word go.

On that note, it was no surprise to me to see that the Leo in this relationship was the one who was responsible for the breakup.  Leos do need to be worshipped, and if they aren’t adored in their marriage, they’ll look for adoration in other places.


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