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Mackenzie Phillips

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Mackenzie Phillips

The birthday girl for November 10 is Mackenzie Phillips.

What intrigues me the most about Mackenzie Phillips is her open-book demeanor.  She’s not only written a tell-all book about her life, but she’s also appeared on shows such as “Oprah” and “Celebrity Rehab.”  I wouldn’t expect a Scorpio to be so candid.

Phillips, however, has an Aries moon in the ninth house opposite Venus in Libra in the third house.  Here’s a quick rundown of the aspect from the first site that came up when I Googled it:

Because these people value harmony, they may find themselves giving in to others too easily, especially in the first half of life.  Resentment is possible, as they feel that they are the ones who seem to do all the acquiescing.  There can  be a distinct tendency to become friends (and lovers) with people too readily, simply because there is a strong need for approval and a hunger for receiving  affection.  As such, these people may get involved with people who seem to really like them, and they don’t consider whether they actually like them back!  It’s somewhat of a weakness, as these people are very charmed by the idea that someone seems to really like them and appreciate them.  Generally, one of life’s lessons for these people is to learn to discriminate more and to get in touch with what they truly want and need.

Given what Phillips allegedly went through with her father, all I have to say is “Yechh!”


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