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Calvin Klein

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Calvin Klein

The birthday boy for November 19 is Calvin Klein.

When I wrote my book, I assigned the sign of Aries to Calvin Klein.  His 90s-style minimalism was perfectly in-tune with the Aries aesthetic.  I didn’t really pay attention to his own zodiac sign until afterward.

As a Scorpio, Klein shares his ruling planet (in traditional astrology) with Aries.  Ralph Lauren, my Taurus designer, is a Libra, sharing his ruling planet with the sign that I assigned to him.  Karl Lagerfeld, my Gemini designer (for Chanel), is a Virgo.  He also shares his ruling planet with the sign I assigned to him.

Only those three designers fit that pattern, with three more actually sharing the sign that I intuitively chose for them to represent (Giorgio Armani for Cancer; Donna Karan for Libra; Vivienne Tam for Sagittarius).  Another three (John Galliano for Dior for Sagittarius; Miuccia Prada for Virgo; Tom Ford for Gucci for Capricorn) designed for the sign that represents their fifth solar house of creativity.  This list would include a fourth name if I included Stefano Gabbana of Dolce & Gabbana for Pisces.  The only two designers that didn’t fit into a particular pattern were Helmut Lang for Scorpio (his birthdate is still unconfirmed) and Donatella Versace for Aquarius.

Would I change any of these assignments today now that I know the signs of the designers?  Yeah, I probably would, but only because some of the people I discussed are designing for different labels nowadays.  Otherwise, I did quite well considering that a lot of speculation factored into the equation in 1999 when looking up a celebrity birthday wasn’t as easy as just clicking onto Wikipedia.


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