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David Pelletier

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David Pelletier

The birthday boy for November 22 is figure skater David Pelletier.

I don’t know if Pelletier is a Scorpio or a Sagittarius.  Shortly after he had won the gold medal in the Olympics with his partner Jamie Salé, she asked me to figure out if they were romantically compatible (we went to the same gym).  I looked at his birth chart only to determine that the sun switched signs right in the middle of the day, giving him about a fifty-fifty chance of being either sign.

Now that the couple has broken up, I believe that he’s probably a Sagittarius.  I see romantic longevity in the sun sign combo of a Taurus woman and a Scorpio man; it’s one of those pairings that seems almost Karmic, as if they are meant to be together.  In retrospect, if Jamie Salé had to ask me if her and her skating partner were destined to be together, I probably should have told her that they weren’t meant to be together.  I should have told her that she would have known already.  I didn’t do my job very well.


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