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Billy Idol

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Billy Idol

The birthday boy for November 30 is Billy Idol.

I was just considering whether or not Billy Idol gives me a Sagittarius vibe.  At first I thought about his look, but my mind immediately wandered to his music.  Idol had about half-a-dozen big hits on this side of the Atlantic.  Each one was so much different than the last that they actually took me off-guard when they first came out.  I remember how different “White Wedding” was from “Hot in the City,” and how surprised I was to hear “Eyes without a Face” after listening to “Dancing with Myself” over and over again.

In that respect, he provides a perfect example of a Sagittarius recording artist.  Compare him with his signmate Britney Spears, for example, and you’ll understand exactly what I mean.  Her last few autotuned singles sound the same to me, and I love dance music!  Nevertheless, there’s no sense of adventure in her song choices.  Billy Idol, on the other hand, recorded a diverse catalogue of songs that I can’t forget.  He’s a Sagittarian’s Sagittarius.


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