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Chanel Iman

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Chanel Iman

Today’s birthday girl, Chanel Iman, has taken a lot of flak from armchair fashion critics for becoming a Victoria’s Secret angel.  Her career in so-called “high fashion” wasn’t suffering when she made the move into lingerie modeling, and many of her detractors couldn’t understand why she would choose VI over work with a more sophisticated cachet.

Whatever the reason for the switch, it was in character with her sun sign.  Sagittarius natives will make a lateral move at the drop of a hat.  It’s in their nature to explore the possibilities life has to offer them.  I suppose that she’ll be acting soon, or singing, or painting, or doing something else altogether different from what she’s doing now.  She’s twenty-one-years-old and she’s already avoiding being pigeonholed.  For most of us, it takes a midlife crisis before we begin to admit that doing one thing all the time is boring.  Good for her!


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December 1, 2011 at 11:46 am

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