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Jackie Stallone

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Jackie Stallone

The birthday girl for November 29 is Jackie Stallone.

I don’t read a lot of astrology books any more.  I used to, but too many astrologers approach the subject from an esoteric standpoint, alienating not only me but also the rest of their readers.  One astrologer who never did that was Jackie Stallone.  I know a lot of people roll their eyes when I mention her name, but she really did write one of the most enjoyable sun-sign books I’ve ever read.  “Starpower” was not only a good read, it was also produced as a mass-market paperback — a huge achievement for an astrology writer.  True to the nature of her zodiac sign, Stallone got her word out to the world.

Sagittarians should never be content with preaching to the converted.  This is the “mass-market” sign.  The more lives they touch with their work, the more satisfied they are with themselves.  Jackie Stallone did a terrific job when she wrote her delightfully perceptive book, so stop rolling your eyes.  It deserves a second look.


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