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Jimi Hendrix

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Jimi Hendrix

The birthday boy for November 27 is Jimi Hendrix.

I often say that Sagittarius natives can get away with anything when they get dressed.  The more open-minded they are to the power of fashion, the more likely they are to use fashion to enrich their lives.

Jimi Hendrix died far too soon for anyone like me to make definitive conclusions about his sense of style.  In the three or four years that he was in the public eye, his personal sense of style didn’t really have the chance to evolve beyond the contemporary trends.  As a Sagittarius, he likely would have dabbled in a little of everything if he had lived a little longer.  Yet by dying young, he inadvertantly created an iconic image that will always be associated with him.  Most memorable Sagittarians, however, project an image that goes on to represent the times in which they live.  Geminis also adapt in this manner, but they’re much trendier than Sagittarians.  Looking back, a Sagittarius will be able to say “that’s how we used to dress,” while a Gemini will ask “did we really dress like that?”

On that note, Lenny Kravitz is a Gemini.


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