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John Galliano

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John Galliano

The birthday boy for November 28 is John Galliano.

I don’t want to discuss John Galliano’s fall from grace except to say that society has a way of forgiving people for their inappropriate actions, yet sometimes we refuse to forgive people for the inappropriate garbage that comes out of their mouths.  We’ll grant parole to a drunk driver but we we’ll condemn a drunk jerk for all of eternity.

Anyway, I adore John Galliano as a fashion designer.  Without a doubt, he is one of the most open-minded individuals ever to work in the business.  What defines him as a paradigm of Sagittarian style is that his reference points know no bounds.  I once saw fashion critic Godfrey Deeny admit that if he was asked to list the ten best fashion shows he had ever seen, at least three or four of them would be Galliano shows.  I can also admit that the best fashion show I’ve ever seen was a Galliano show for Christian Dior where the designer was inspired by a 1950s model, the current First Lady of France, the heritage of the fashion house itself and some of his own fetishes.

Such diverse influences were commonplace at both Dior and at Galliano’s signature label.  The man never passed up the opportunity to show the world something it had never seen before.  In that respect, he was the most open-minded fashion designer who has ever lived.  Now if the industry could only be open-minded enough to accept his rehabilitation, I will no longer have to refer to his career in the past tense.  I hope that day comes soon.


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