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Gianni Versace

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Gianni Versace

The birthday boy for December 2 is Gianni Versace.

In my book, I assigned the label Versace to Aquarius.  I believe that Aquarius natives become more and more conventional as they age, and I see the cinematic glamour that Gianni Versace espoused as the most conventional style for the public-at-large to worship.  We adore cinematic glamour because it fulfills the fantasy of fashion; it reminds us not of what we are, but of what we could be.  The dream of unconventionality drives the business of style.

Nevertheless, Versace’s designs were conventional, despite their over-the-top glamour.  You’ll never hear anyone talk about his contributions to the avant-garde or the esoteric.  He was beloved because his work translated so well to the mainstream.  In that respect, he was a Sagittarius through and through because he wanted his designs to speak to the world.  A Sagittarius with no audience is no Sagittarius at all.


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